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Golf Course Šilheřovice

Master 18-hole golf course Park Golf Club in Šilheřovice is sensibly situated in an exquisite landscaped park, founded at the beginning of 19th century. The chateau, which is the dominating feature of the park, was property of the Rothschild family in the years 1844-1945. The course was built according to Ing. Jan Cieslar’s design in 1968. Customised historical tropical greenhouse on the lakeside serves as a clubhouse. Despite the course not being extremely long, the game is not simple and requires accuracy thanks to great number of hundreds of years old trees.

A restaurant with all-day boarding, driving range with a professional instructor are available for club members as well as visitors. Golf clubs and trolleys can be rent in the clubhouse. We accept credit cards Mastercard, Visa, and Dinners.

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Plan of the course

Score Card


18 holes / Par 72
6010 m / 5790 m / 5545 m / 5044 m

Hole No. 1, Par 5

544 m / 530 m / 530 m / 498 m

Difficult hole not only because of its length, but mainly because of many inclined planes. The best spot to place your first shot is the space in front of the fountain, from here the second shot over the horizon is pretty straightforward. Large green is divided by a longitudinal break.

Hole No. 2, Par 4

373 m / 373 m / 337 m / 337 m

For a comfortable shot into the green, it is necessary to place your drive on the right side of the fairway, from there you are able to see the flattest and the easiest green on the whole golf course, which is protected by a bunker on the right side.

Hole No. 3, Par 4

384 m / 356 m / 347 m / 331 m

This hole requires an accurate tee shot in between the trees. Most second shots that miss the green end up under the green on the right side or in the adjacent right bunker.

Hole No. 4, Par 3

178 m /174 m / 159 m / 147 m

This longest par 3 is particularly difficult for club selection but also for accuracy, because the green is protected by bunkers on both sides.

Hole No. 5, Par 4

312 m / 312 m / 278 m / 178 m

Short par 4 where the second shot is particularly important. It should be accurate, because putting on this very corrugated green is very difficult.

Hole No. 6, Par 4

337 m / 337 m / 306 m / 275 m

Thanks to ubiquitous trees, the accuracy of both the first and second shot is crucial. Beware of the effects of wind, which is not so noticeable from the tee boxes.

Hole No. 7, Par 3

149 m / 142 m / 133 m / 125 m

A short but tricky hole, left side of the green is protected by the branches of a tree, short players should beware of the small pond in from of the green, inaccurate players on the other hand should beware of the longitudinal water and bunkers. The green is sloping towards the tee boxes.

Hole No. 8, Par 5

487 m / 462 m / 451 m / 405 m

A less demanding hole with a Par 5, where length and accuracy are requi- red during a first shot, which should end up on the left side of the fairway, in order to give the player a chance to avoid the trees during a second shot, which is particularly difficult.

Hole No. 9, Par 4

299 m / 258 m / 249 m / 240 m

A short Par 4 – long hitters can think about reaching the green with the first shot, however trees on both sides of the fairway and deep bunkers on the right side of the fairway and in front of the green present considerable hazards.

Hole No. 10, Par 4

298 m / 298 m / 284 m / 227 m

Extreme length is not required from the first shot in order to have a view of the green during the second shot. The approach shot is not easy to stop on the green, which is sloping away from 79the fairway.

Hole No. 11, Par 5

457 m / 431 m / 422 m / 377 m

A key hole – long first shot into the left side of the fairway opens up a narrow entrance to the green. Majestic oaks and lindens pose a danger to every player.

Hole No. 12, Par 3

138 m / 131 m / 131 m / 120 m

An almost blind tee shot to the green guarded by a bunker in the front right and water hazard behind the green. A short Par 3, particularly difficult for club selection.

Hole No. 13, Par 4

371 m / 371 m / 347 m / 316 m

A long Par 4 requires two well executed shots in order to reach a long green. Access to the hole is open – if you miss the green, it is better to stay short.

Hole No. 14, Par 4

370 m / 337 m / 326 m / 258 m

Difficult and narrow hole surrounded by many trees on both sides. Two accurate shots are required in order to reach an elevated, curved green, which is protected mainly by a small bunker on the left side.

Hole No. 15, Par 5

499 m / 470 m / 470 m / 420 m

A long double-dogleg, requiring three shots for average golfers. Long hitters may take a risk and hit a difficult “all or nothing” shot over the trees into a flat green.

Hole No. 16, Par 3

148 m / 142 m / 142 m / 137 m

A friendly Par 3 providing a short rest before a difficult finish. The bunker on the right side of the green is shallow, the green itself is large and flat.

Hole No. 17, Par 4

382 m / 382 m / 359 m / 315 m

A long and narrow hole, average golfer often needs a fairway wood to reach a small, slightly elevated green with the second shot.

Hole No. 18, Par 4

284 m / 284 m / 274 m / 238 m

Good placement of the first shot is necessary in order to have an ideal view of the green for the second shot on this short Par 4. Choosing the right club is the key for success of the second shot into the wide but short green.

Holes from Dron

Reception desk: 00420 722 288 422; 00420 595 054 144
e-mail:                  golf@golf-ostrava.cz
address:               Park Golf Club Ostrava, Dolní 412, 747 15  Šilheřovice, Czech Republic

Arrival:                  GPS:  N  49°55’40“, E  18°16’34“

Highway D1 exit 370 (from Ostrava) or 372 (from Poland) further to Poland, municipality Chalupki, left turn at the traffic lights and the second exit at the next roundabout. Back to the Czech Republic, municipality Šilheřovice, afetr 2 kilometres. Driveway to cark park of the golf club on the left side after 1 kilometer.


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